Is French Kissing a Sin?


Strictly speaking, the answer is no, but it can be. 

There are some people who say that it IS a sin, unless you’re married.  Yea, I don’t buy that.

The thing about French kissing (which is kissing with tongues slurping each other, if you didn’t know what that meant), is that it is a deeper level of intimacy being shared between two people than just normal kissing. 

So given that, a couple has to be READY for the greater level of intimacy being shared, by having a deeper COMMITMENT to each other.  That’s the thing about sexuality – the greater the intimacy, the greater the commitment HAS to be, otherwise you’re in for trouble. 

This means that both people have to have a clear idea of what French kissing means to the OTHER person.  If for the boy it just means a fun time, but for the girl it means they’re now boyfriend/girlfriend, then that’s bad.  Drama time.  It’s especially bad if the boy lets the girl THINK that  they’re dating when he just wants to have some fun – then he’s using her.  And the girl could do the same too by the way.  Then it’s a sin.  That ain’t cool.

That’s why it’s pretty important that the couple communicate with each other what their expressions of intimacy mean to them.  Bottom line, if they can’t talk about it, they definitely shouldn’t do it.

This, by the way, applies not just to French kissing, but to every form of affection, from passing notes in math class, to proposing marriage.

So, as long as there is open communication about what it means to them, and they agree, and they aren’t just using each other but genuinely sharing affection, then time for tonsil hockey. 

Those who think differently, that Frenching is a sin unless your married, are usually worried about what it could LEAD to.  And they have a point.  The more exciting making-out gets, the more aroused the couple gets, the more difficult it is to stop.  So the argument goes, French kissing leads to sex, sex leads to babies or STD’s – so you could get pregnant or an STD because you were French kissing. 

Not sure about that.  Just because it COULD lead to something more doesn’t mean it WILL.

And this is the whole point.  Another way that a couple shows love for each other is by exercising self control.  If one or both of the couple CAN’T STOP, if they don’t have enough respect for each other to SACRIFICE their own pleasure for each other, then they’re just using each other.  Then I think they probably shouldn’t even be dating, not until they get over themselves.

So – as long as there’s open communication, and mutual respect – I’d say, French kissing is fine.