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Pro-Life Confusion

On a number of occasions this week, I found myself engaging in conversations on the abortion question, usually will people in favor of maintaining a woman's legal right to an abortion. While I can't agree with their position, I certainly appreciate their passion.

Nonetheless, time and time again, I encountered a wide-spread misunderstanding of the Pro-life position. Interestingly enough, I think this misunderstanding takes place among Pro-life adherents as well.

There are many who believe that the Pro-life position is simply this: to make abortion illegal.

This is false. The Pro-life aim, nor the Catholic church's aim, is not to make abortion illegal. Its to bring an end to abortions.

Our position is a moral one; not a legal one. Of course, it may include legal consequences, but our intention is not to force young women back into their back-alleys, or to force them to use coat-hangers.

Our position is (and if it isn't, it had better change) that abortion is destructive to two human lives, the baby's, and their mothers, and therefore we want to encourage ALL women from making the choice (legal or not) to have an abortion.

Not so they avoid burning in hell; not so they avoid excommunication, or anything like that. We want to save the life of their baby - and save them from the MASSIVE emotional damage that abortion causes.

Our position is to bring an end to ALL abortions, not just legal ones.

And we only do that by treating all those young women with respect and dignity, and by loving them (not guilting them), showing them that there are better alternatives to unwanted pregnancies, and by PROVIDING those alternatives - safe adoption homes, financial support, etc., so that these women can bring their pregnancies to term, and bring these new lives to the world.

Its more comprehensive than simply being a legal question. Its about LIFE.

Here's a comprehensive explanation of the Church's position on abortion - click HERE.