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Who Should I Vote For?

Recently the Canadian Bishops wrote to all of us, telling us we should remember to promote our Christian values through our votes. To see the article, click HERE.

So who am I going to vote for?

Well the approach that some people take is to pick their favorite issues, and vote on that basis - so they recognize their not going to get a PERFECT candidate to represent them.

I'd be happy for a Christian candidate.

By that I mean this - why is it that the candidates that support pro-life and family values are also the ones who don't want to take responsibility for the environment, or health care and education, or advocacy for the poor, or ending child poverty. And the ones that are FOR these things are invariably also pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, pro- a whole bunch of things that, well, I can't get behind.

So after eliminating every candidate, who are we left with?

This, of course, highlights the importance of knowing the candidates for my particular constituency, which I admit, right now I don't, but even if I did, I'd still be faced with Party's that won't always let them vote their conscience, but instead vote along party lines. Frustrating.

And of course, I'm fairly convinced that Canada isn't a Democracy anyway - to read about that, click HERE.

Sometimes I think the best choice is a protest vote - vote for the Rhinos. Vote for the Natural Law Party - that's what I did in my first election, in 1990. I protested. Sometimes I think those in power should take greater note of how many people DON'T vote for them. Sometimes I wish that would affect policies.

But they don't notice - they don't care, as long as they get elected.

The better solution would be to create a new political party, one that harmonizes with Christian teaching, which includes not only life issues and family issues, it also includes social issues and environmental issues and health and education and....

But I can't start a political party. I'm not allowed. I'm a priest. Canon Law forbids it.

So, doesn't anyone want to start a new political party? I'll vote for you!