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Sometimes the View Ticks Me Off

I have to admit, sometimes I watch "the View" on TV. I like to get the female perspective, or more accurately, perspectiveS. And sometimes Joy Behar really ticks me off. Some of the things she says about the Catholic church, or about the Pro-life movement, or about anything she disagrees with, are offensive to say the least.

Usually its the folks on the right that get the reputation for being so ignorant and intolerant - but Joy shows that the "enlightened" left can be just as ingorant.

The most recent example (that I saw) was last Monday - the ladies were talking about U.S. President Obama's recent trip to Notre Dame University - just in case you weren't aware of the situation, a lot of Catholics protested his presence on account of his Pro-life stance, perhaps rightly so. Nonetheless, he did accept, and I must say, he rose to the occasion in eloquence and respect for those who disagree with him. One of the things I caught him saying was that it is important for everyone not to reduce those with dissenting viewpoints to charactatures, or to oversimplify the opposing perspective, for doing so prevents openminded communication, and obstructs consensus. I was impressed.

That was until Joy Behar, right after they showed Obama make this statement, told Sherrie and Elizabeth that they and others like them that oppose abortion should actually call themselves "anti-choice" rather than "pro-life." That was exactly Obama, Behars HERO, told her NOT TO DO!! Pro-lifers are no more anti-choice than pro-choicers are anti-life, as pro-choicers don't believe that the embryo or fetus is a life. To say that we pro-lifers are only directed towards oppressing and limiting women's freedoms is a gross mischaracerization; in fact I'd call it slander.

It really ticked me off.

It just goes to show that there are two kinds of people - not those who are on the "right" and those on the "left" - but those who are ready to have a rational, fair, openminded discussion on the issues, and there are those on the extremes, who do nothing but polarize, make people hate each other, and prevent people from finding the truth.

I wonder what she'll say on "the View" tomorrow.