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Too Many Vampires


Along with all the zombie TV shows, movies, video games, etc., there’s another monster occupying a large portion of our airways – Vampires.

Vampires are everywhere.  Not sure if it started with Twilight, but lately one can’t turn the channel without seeing another vampire drama – typically these are all romantic in nature, the main vampire is trying to reform his ways, fighting the temptation to eat his girlfriend, and so on.

So this should come as no surprise, along with zombies, there is a real-life counterpart, of which fictional vampires are symbolic. 

Vampires – symbolize ‘the wrong guy,’ or also the ‘wrong girl,’ but usually these stories are directed at females, so the ‘the wrong guy’ is most appropriate.

They’re the good looking irresistible heart-throb, that ends up sucking the life out of their girlfriends.

Stalkers are Vampires.  Control freaks are Vampires. Abusive relationships are with Vampires. Wife beaters – are Vampires.


And vampires have symbolized this, going all the way back to Dracula. These vampire stories have always been a combination of sexuality and violence, because that's what Vampire stories are actually about: the dark side of sexuality, which will eventually become a form of violence.  And they still are today, from Twilight to Vampire Diaries.

Only there’s a distressing pattern emerging lately – lately, the Vampires pictured in these stories, aren’t that bad.  Sometimes they’re just misunderstood.

Which is exactly what girls stuck abusive relationships often think of their boyfriends, or husbands – they’re just misunderstood, they’ll change, they just need my love.

Yea right. Listen ladies, maybe they can change – but let them work out their baggage FIRST, get over their Vampirism, and then date them.