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Are you gonna watch the Royal Wedding?

Well, I am. 

Why?  Why would I indulge in the paparazzi frenzy, the glamour and glitz, the façade, the pretense, the soap-opera drama of one of the more dysfunctional families on the planet (I’ve seen worse)? Why would I participate in the pop culture mania surrounding the English throne, sanctioning the clearly irrelevant and obsolete class structure it represents? Why would I give attention to a family that’s biggest problem is the amount of attention they get?

Well, I have a few reasons? Here's my top ten list:

1. This is history in the making.  This couple, William, Son of the Prince of Wales, and Kate Middleton, represent, and will define the future of British Monarchy, British Society.  And we Canadian are part of that history too.

2. Speaking of which, Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy, and William (if everything goes according to plan) will someday be OUR King (not just England’s), and that means that Kate will someday be our Queen Katherine.

3. Kate’s a babe.

4. I think we all want to see something go right for this family – in particular see that they’re just human.  Some people expect this marriage to be everything that William’s parents’ marriage was not – I think that’s too much to put on them, they can’t live up to that.  But, maybe they can just be a young couple that loves each other, and although imperfect, can endure the struggles of married life, just like any other married couple.  We want to see them succeed.

5. On that note, I think we and the world need for their marriage to NOT be a fairy tale marriage.  Fairy tales aren’t real, and when people believe in them, they are ALWAYS disappointed.

6. Marriage itself is a wonderful holy union between man and woman, a solemn, sacred commitment to love, for life.  That in itself is enough reason to watch.  Sure, Will and Kate’s situation might not be perfect, particularly their living situation, but what the heck.

7. Kate’s a babe.

8. This couple, I think, CAN make it.  They’ve been friends for a long time; have been through a lot together; Will has learned many lessons from his parent’s misfortune.  I’m not sure I would make them the MODEL of marriage (I don’t know of many couples that should, but I do know a few) – but Will and Kate can demonstrate something out marriage itself – that it’s a cool thing, for people to be together.

9. Personally, I’d like to be a person who watches it, not because of a morbid fascination with disaster (as the media is motivated).  I think it adds to the positive karma of the Universe to watch because of a sincere wish for their well-being.

10. Kate’s a babe.