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Stop Talking About the Pope

Three weeks later, we're still hearing allegation after allegation, and defense after defense, levelled against Pope Benedict XVI. These allegations all have to do with child abuse, and the Pope's knowledge or lack thereof of it, and so on. For a detailed response to that issue itself, click HERE.

It would be one thing if the allegations levelled against the Pope were founded on solid evidence, or were well researched, or were able to stand up to the slightest scrutiny, but they can't. Time and time again, the instances show a lack of understanding on the part of the reporters involved - they don't care to inform themselves - they only care to create a sensational story, because that's what sells newspapers and advertizing time on CNN.

And along with this completely disproportional coverage of the issue, is the disproportional response by the members of the church. In the last week's issue of the Western Catholic Reporter I saw four articles about defending the Pope. This week's had three. We have the Papal preacher comparing the media attacks to anti-semitism - a Cardinal blaming the problem on homosexuals in the clergy. All of this is nonsense - defensiveness, which does nothing by demonstrate the insecurity of those involved. Defend him once, and that is enough.

The problem is that both the media AND those in the church, in focusing on the Pope, either attacking him or defending him, have taken the focus OFF the REAL ISSUE - the perpetrators, and their victims. Lets talk about them for crying out loud.

Its not about the Pope.