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Father Catfish Rates Pepsi Throwback


So I'm getting ready to head off to Jasper for the week, for our annual Priest's Assembly, and I run quickly in to Safeway to grab a case of Pepsi - nothing unusual there.

And as I'm running quickly through the store, I see these cans, look like old fashioned Pepsi cans - and I thought, "Cool, retro cans!" and grabbed a case and headed off to Jasper.

It wasn't until I was actually IN Jasper that I opened the can and took a drink, that I realized, "Hey, this ain't Pepsi!!" But yes it was, but no it wasn't.

I looked at the can, which said "Made with REAL SUGAR;" I thought, wait a minute I thought it was already made with real sugar.

Turns out, NORMAL Pepsi isn't. I compared the ingredients, and sure enough, NORMAL Pepsi is made with corn syrup, not sugar.

This was a different drink altogether, "Pepsi Throwback," made the way Pepsi USED TO be made.

So, what do I think? the worlds biggest Pepsi drinker?

Well, I like it, to be honest. One thing I didn't like about normal Pepsi (although the drink is, in my opinion, otherwise perfect) is the syruppy-ness, that seems to coat the throat, and TEETH, after I'm finished. Pepsi Throwback doesn't have the same viscosity, which I think makes it better.

Because its still just as sweet, the quality that I think makes Pepsi better than Coke. I think I'll stick with Pepsi throwback, for as long as they sell it.

And I'll strongly encourage others - to buy Pepsi throwback for me.