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Let Freedom Ring

Here's a little poem I wrote, you can read it note for note - its about the glorious power of the greatest nation the world has ever known. I pray that it might stay that way.


Once upon a time, there was an Eagle,

who flew high above the clouds,

and all the animals looked upon the Eagle,

admiring it,

inspired by it,

longing to be like the Eagle,

to know the freedom, that the Eagle felt as it soared through the heavens.

But the Eagle was hungry,

and so, the Eagle started to eat,

first its own food,

then in order to satisfy its hunger,

it started to look on the food of others.

Soon it considered everything it could see, to be the Eagle’s to devour,

and it ate the food of all the animals in the forest.

They soon grew to resent the Eagle,

some, in their desperation and hunger, to hate the Eagle.

The Eagle convinced itself,

that they hated it because they were

jealous of its freedom

as it flew through the heavens.

But the truth was,

the Eagle couldn’t fly anymore,

because it was too fat.