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Something Cool About the Harry Potter Series


Here is a list of the parallels named in the above video:

Books 1 and 7

Relics for immortality, the Philosopher’s Stone vs. the Deathly Hallows
The Hungarian Ridgeback Dragon
Hagrid transporting Harry on Sirius Black’s Motorcycle
Seven challenges for the Philosopher’s Stone, vs. Seven Horcruxes
Ron hurts Hermoine, but saves the day in the end
Time at Gringotts
Attention to Ollivander
Attention to the Snitch from Harry’s first victory
Neville’s Bravery in the end saves the day
Magical Mirrors
Ron’s desires vs. Ron’s fears
The Cloak of Invisibility is one of the Deathly Hallows
Hedwig introduced in 1, dies in 7
Dumbledore’s deluminator
Harry thinks Snape is the enemy when he’s actually a hero
Godric Hollow
Harry meets Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest

Prologue at Harry's Birth and Epilogue When Harry is Old

Harry Defeats Evil with Humility and Sacrifice

Books 2 and 6

Hermione in the Infirmary in 2 and Ron in the Infirmary in 6
Mysterious books – Riddles Journal vs. Snape’s Textbook
Emphasis on Harry’s relationship with Ginny
Focus on Dumbledore, the Phoenix
Focus on Tom Riddle’s Youth
Horcruxes Involved
Moaning Myrtle
Aragog the giant spider
Polyjuice potion involving Crabbe and Goyle
Harry and Draco dual each other

Book 3 and 5

Focus on Sirius Black
Hippogriff matches up with the Thestral
Some attention to Trelawney and her prophesy
Frequent mention of escapes from Askeban prison
Involvement of the Ministry of Magic
Lupin is the best Defence teacher, while Umbridge is the worst
Confrontation with Dementors

Book 4, 1 and 7

Priori Incantatem
Harry and Voldemort confront each other directly
Harry sees his parents
Hungarian Ridgeback Dragons