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Making Sure the Christian Right is Christian


Today I want to talk about something we see from our southern neighbors, and occasionally even up here in Canada, particularly in Alberta.  Its called the Conservative Christian Right. 

This group identifies itself by what it calls Christian family values.

Basically, it’s ideas consist of supporting traditional families, and allowing them to thrive and reach their dreams, with minimal government regulation and taxation, enjoying the fruits of their own labor, in safe secure neighborhoods. Sounds nice.

What shall we call this philosophy?  Well we could call it Christo-Americanism or American-Christianity, but the problem is, it’s views aren’t REALLY in line with the founder, CHRIST. So I’ll just call it Americanism.  And here’s what I mean:

Jesus said

Americanism says

Blessed are the poor

The poor are lazy and deserve what they get

Love your enemies

Bomb your enemies

Judge not lest ye be judged

Capital Punishment

I came to call sinners

God hates gays

God is God of ALL nations

We’re the best






A lot of Christians in the United States, and some here in Canada too, grab on to these AMERICANISM values, thinking that they are Christian values. But they AREN'T.

Now  if a person wants to hold to these AMERICANISM values, that’s fine – in a democracy, people are allowed to do that

But don’t call it Christianity – don’t associate them with Jesus.

And I'll be the first to admit, many of these Americanism Values are over-simplifications of what their leaders believe - but these simplifications ARE what many of the followers actually DO believe.

Many of these values come from a SELECTIVE reading of the Bible, rather than a comprehensive reading - by that I mean, little bits and pieces of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, are chosen to back up the Americanism, while other parts of the Bible, particularly the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, are ignored.

A CHRISTIAN society – takes care of its poor.  It doesn’t need to raise HIGHER TAXES, because the rich are already giving to the poor, and their seniors, and the sick in hospitals, and their children, ABUNDANTLY, so that these people are taken care of.

A CHRISTIAN society is dedicated to peace, not to maintaining the biggest military-industrial complex the world has ever seen, and to using it to secure its own national self interests.

A CHRISTIAN society seeks to win over its lost sheep, to welcome them home, not to condemn them with hatred.

The group that calls itself the “Christian conservative right” has tremendous potential- they could literally turn North America into a Utopia, a heaven on earth, for EVERYONE – but the first thing they HAVE to do – is make sure that they’re CHRISTIAN.