Is Jesus the first Zombie?

Believe it or not, this IS a frequently asked question. A whole bunch of people have asked me this.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the popularity ZOMBIES are celebrating these days. Everybody loves our undead, brain-eating, little monsters.

Zombies are the dead, risen from their graves, right? Therefore it logically follows that Jesus was a zombie, the FIRST!

Well, actually, the answer is no, Jesus was not a zombie, even though Zombie is cool. Zombies are DEAD. Jesus was not.

The Gospel accounts go to a lot of effort to show that Jesus isn't just a re-animated corps. He has wounds, but he's also TRANSFORMED AND GLORIFIED somehow, so that the Apostles don't recognize him until he LETS them. And he's not a ghost either - that's why he eats in front of them, to prove he's not a ghost - and it isn't BRAINS that he eats either.

If we consider what Zombies actually represent, in real life - that is people who are disengaged from life, who don't use their brains, who conform, who consent without questioning, who don't take responsibility for their invidivuality - we see that Jesus was actually the OPPOSITE of a Zombie.

On Easter Sunday, Jesus became FULLY alive, even more alive than we are most of our lives. In fact, if there were a zombie virus, Jesus would be the cure for that virus.

Jesus: the ultimate zombie fighter.

Jesus is ALIVE!

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