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"Survivor" Wisdom

I love Survivor.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, its a TV show, been on for over 10 years now on CBS, featuring 18 contestants (usually) stranded out in some tropical paradise, with minimal provisions, no shelter, competing to win a million dollars. At the end of every episode, one of the contestants is voted off by their fellow tribemates, and the one left standing at the end is crowned Ultimate Survivor, and wins the prize.

Some people don't like the show - they think its too negative, seeing people conniving and backstabbing, lying and betraying, to win the money. And yes, its true, some of the people act pretty bad. That's kinda what I like about it.

To me Survivor is a great peek in to human nature, especially when subjected to extreme circumstances.


So, here are a list of life-lessons, that we can learn from Survivor, that I believe we can apply not only to the game, but to everyday life:

1. We get to see a person's true self when they are subjected to extreme circumstances, like hunger, cold, any form of adversity. At these times, we see people both at their best, or at their worst.

2. If a person will give up their morals for money, they'll give up their morals for other reasons too.

3. When things go bad, you truly find out who your friends are.

4. Everybody has one vote - power, in Survivor, is controlling other people's votes as well. So the only thing that makes a leader a leader - is followers.

5. Making a big fuss often creates the ILLUSION of power, which will get people to vote with you. That's how the extremes, who actually represent a minority, often set the agenda, and end up in control.

6. People often don't like to be treated the way they have treated other people.

7. Paranoia of being voted off can get a person voted off, especially if they drive everyone else nuts.

8. Over-confidence can get a person voted off, if they appear better than everyone else.

9. Charisma goes a long way.

10. Showing others that you relate to them also goes a long way.

11. People with messiah-complexes only experience short-term success - eventually the power they have over others disappears.

12. Delusional lack of self-awareness will ultimately be self-destructive - but they sure are fun to watch

13. What is considered weakness on Survivor: honesty, loyalty, consistancy, integrity, diplomacy, mercy - are considered strength by Jesus Christ.