Do We Believe in Three Gods or One?

So what's this Trinity all about? Some people say we believe in three Gods - WRONG. That would be heresy.

Some people say we believe in one God that appears in three different ways - WRONG. That's also a heresy.

They key is that there is a relationship between Jesus and his Father. That makes two. But the relationship of LOVE is so strong, INFINITELY strong, that they are united COMPLETELY into one union - one God. And the power that unites that, that connects them, the infinite love between them, that's what we call the Holy Spirit. Some of us have felt little glimpses of the Holy Spirit while doing God's work, or petting our dog, or being united with our spouse, or running into the World Trade Centre to go save lives. Its the power of God.

A guy named Hans Urs Von Balthasar described the processions of the Trinitarian persons as a perechoresis - that means a dance - one person leads, one follows, and the dance between the two is the third, that makes the two one.

Here's a little musical story - my understanding of the un-understandable God, and how it was revealed in the history of salvation.

For the script to this story, click HERE.

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